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New tw telecom service
fights DDoS attacks

LITTLETON -- tw telecom inc., an IT managed services provider based in Littleton, has introduced a new around-the-clock service designed to protect customer networks during a denial of service attack. The service, called DDoS Scrubbing, filters out malicious traffic while allowing good data to flow through the network during an attack, keeping business customers connected to the Internet and maintaining their web presence.

According to Trent Pham, Director of the company's Security Product Portfolio, the service offers "granular traffic management, which protects customer network resources so they can continue to operate at high levels of quality without impeding network performance."

TW TELECOM LOGOAs an example, tw cites an IT executive at iParadigms, a provider of online grading services to U.S. and international colleges, who reported that DDoS Scrubbing saved his website from a denial of service attack that recently crippled its ability to conduct business.

"tw telecom inspects and filters a DDoS attack at the edge of its network, giving it the ability to fight an attack before it enters the network," Pham said.