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Shatter Buggy bets on busted
iPhone jackpot in Las Vegas

DENVER — What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – sometimes along with your broken cell phone. Whether or not you fully remember how it happened though, Shatter Buggy wants you to bring it home in one piece.

The Denver "we-come-to-you" mobile device repair service has opened its latest franchise in Sin City, where the company foresees “a huge market of people with iDevices, thousands of which are dropped, sat on, stepped on or otherwise damaged.”

Shatter Buggy was started just over a year ago in Denver by Benjamin Head, a former commercial airline pilot. He traded his wings for a fleet of fuel-efficient Smart Cars, and the mobile repair service — originally called iRepairDoc — set out to find shattered screens and dead batteries across the Front Range.

Benjamin Head

Benjamin Head

The company currently focuses specifically on Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods, going straight to the customer to fix broken screens and LCDs or malfunctioning batteries. It services a long list of locations from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs.

“Beginning with the release of the first iPod in 2001, the penetration of iDevices has been nothing short of incredible,” says Head. “Last year alone, Apple sold 35 million iPods, 58 million iPads and 125 million iPhones. All of those iDevices represent the potential market for Shatter Buggy, and it's only expected to grow.”

Shatter Buggy’s newest franchise, led by entrepreneur Keenan DeCock, will serve the greater Las Vegas market. In 2012, nearly 40 million people visited Las Vegas and more than 21,000 conventions hosted 5 million delegates.

“I envision both tourists and local residents getting ample mileage from this repair service,” says DeCock. “After all, the alternative to repairing a broken screen is to go to your wireless carrier's store or an Apple store and wait to receive a replacement. If you don't have insurance, that's a costly proposition. Shatter Buggy is hands down a better way.”

DeCock says he had been a Shatter Buggy customer in the past and became intrigued by the business model. That model includes a scheduling system that allows customers to set up precise appointment times, rather than 2 or 4-hour time windows. Technicians arrive in one of the company's signature Smart Cars.

“Our business makes for an exceptional franchising opportunity, thanks to the low entry cost and ready-made market,” says Head.