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Streaming media firm Wowza
acquires encoding company

EVERGREEN — Evergreen-based Wowza Media Systems, makers of streaming media content server software, has acquired Camfoo, a German company that provides media encoding technology.

According to David Stubenvoll, co-founder and CEO of Wowza, the marriage will provide customers with the “simplest and most robust way to manage cloud streaming.”

Wowza is an 8-year-old privately held company with offices in Evergreen and Mountain View, CA. The company’s core product, the Wowza Media Server, is designed to simplify the workflow of online video delivery. More than 150,000 licensees use the product worldwide.

David Stubenvoll

David Stubenvoll

Camfoo has developed, implemented and delivered more than a thousand streaming media projects since 2006. The company's technology has powered some of the largest live media events on the Internet, including major music festivals to the British royal wedding.

Wowza announced the acquisition, the company's first, at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam.

"Wowza products have been used by Camfoo for several years," said Stubenvoll. "Integrating Camfoo's automation technology with Wowza provides customers the simplest and most robust way to manage cloud streaming."

Camfoo co-founder Philipp Angele said the combination of technologies "have a lot to offer the media and entertainment industries."

Wowza also announced at the IBC conference that the company will soon be delivering live and on-demand encrypted content to media players built on the new Microsoft PlayReady SDKs for Android and iOS. The new SDKs will augment the playback capabilities that Microsoft demonstrated last June in Internet Explorer 11, allowing customers to reach end users with protected content on any connected device.

The Wowza Media Server will include a preview of support for Common Encryption using Microsoft PlayReady in its next software release.

Chris Knowlton

Chris Knowlton

The PlayReady announcement comes on the heels of earlier news that customers can now leverage the Amazon CloudFront content delivery network from Amazon Web Services (AWS). The company says this will allow customers to stream audio and video content to any screen without contracts, monthly commitments or upfront fees.

"Many of our customers are already using Wowza Media Server running on Amazon EC2 to distribute media," said Chris Knowlton, Vice President of product management. "By working closely with AWS to support Amazon CloudFront, we are now able to give customers the ability to scale and improve playback experiences for their audience without the higher costs and management requirements of building out their own origin-edge network. Wowza using Amazon CloudFront is do-it-yourself media streaming at its very best."

With Amazon CloudFront, the company says, streaming content is automatically routed to the optimal edge location to deliver the best possible performance. Its pay-per-use model ensures that Wowza licensees will only pay for content that is actually streamed. More information is available on the Wowza website here.