Business Business ... Companies Products — 20 October 2013
Shatter Buggy house call service
adds new Minneapolis franchise


DENVER — Shatter Buggy, the Denver-based on-site iDevice repair service, has opened a new franchise in Minneapolis. The new location is the third market to host the service, which offers house calls to fix iPhone, iPad and iPod devices.

The company began providing the service in the Front Range region in 2012. Earlier this year, it added a second franchise in Las Vegas.

Using a fleet of compact Smart Cars, the company sends repairmen directly to customers to fix shattered screens and replace malfunctioning batteries. The "Come to ME" service uses no physical storefront.

The new Minneapolis franchise, which represents Shatter Buggy’s first foray into the Midwest market, will be run by local businessman Matt Endress.

"My wife, Erin, and I were keen on finding something that fit with our family philosophy: doing right by people and the world we live in," says Endress. "We try to live by the traditional motto of reduce, reuse and recycle."

Former airline pilot Benjamin Head, the company’s founder, says the market for the repair service is “astronomical,” with hundreds of millions of iPods, iPads and iPhones throughout the country.
"The demand is already there," says Head. "Shatter Buggy provides a service that people need; anyone who has shattered an iPhone screen knows that getting it repaired through traditional channels is far from easy. And the fact that we make house calls puts Shatter Buggy in a class by itself.

“Last year alone, Apple sold 35 million iPods, 58 million iPads and 125 million iPhones,” says Head. “All of those iDevices represent the potential market for Shatter Buggy, and it’s only expected to grow.”

According to Head, no physical storefront to maintain means less overhead. The most common repair issues that technicians face are broken screens and defective batteries, both of which he says are generally quick fixes.