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What is Rocky
Mountain Techline?

Rocky Mountain TechLine is a
website serving the information
technology community in Colorado.
It is a vauable resource for anyone
who works in, or has an interest in,
the computer‐related and
telecommunications industries.

Why should I follow Rocky
Mountain TechLine?

RockyMountainTechLine covers every
aspect of the IT community in Colorado
with compelling and relevant content:

• News of local and regional companies

• Profiles of people in the field

• Listings and coverage of groups and events

• Information about jobs in the technology field

• Where to find qualified employees in the field

• News of business deals and company promotions

... and a whole lot more

• Blogs written for and by Colorado
   technology professionals

• Photos and graphics of new products

• Advertisements for software and hardware

• Where to get help with your latest project

• … and much more

Rocky Mountain TechLine is an indispensible
source of information and knowledge for every
computer‐related professional in Colorado.

Why advertise on Rocky

Thousands of industry professionals visit
RockyMountainTechLine.com everyday.
These same viewers are your customers.
Every reader is looking for someone or
something that can help them in dozens
of areas, like ...


• Data processing


• System design

Computer storage and peripherals


• Data centers

Internet software and services

Hosting services

• IT consulting

Application development

… and more

When IT professionals in Colorado want to know
where to find products and services they turn to

How many tech professionals
are there in Colorado?

Colorado is flush with workers in technical
fields and there are more arriving every day.
With nearly 163,000 high‐tech workers,
Colorado ranks 15th in the entire nation.
And Colorado ranks #3 in the country for
concentration of technology jobs:
87 of every 1,000 private sector workers
are classified as high‐tech.

Who publishes Rocky
Mountain TechLine?

RockyMountainTechLine.com is produced by
Publishing Technology Enterprises, Inc.
The company is headed by Eric Wolferman,
a technologist with more than 35 years of
experience in journalism, publishing and information
technology. Behind the website is a talented group
of writers, designers and technologists with an
intimate knowledge of the issues important to
high‐tech enterprises in Colorado.

Who is the typical Rocky
Mountain TechLine reader?

• Works in the information technology field

• Lives and works in Colorado

• Sets IT strategy and direction

• Participates in spending decisions

• Values the experiences of others

• Networks with other technology professionals

• Wants to know who is doing what in his or her field

• Needs an accurate and complete picture of the IT
  products and services marketplace

How can I become part
of the Rocky Mountain
TechLine community?

It's easy. Just register on the front page of the website
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TechLine, including permission to comment on articles,
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